The Driver in
AI Text-Based Gaming

Creating a limitless game experience

A True Open World Experience

We make it so that your imagination isn't limited by the game itself. By utilizing advanced AI technology we are able to take off the typical limits that other videos games are bound by and offer and entirely open world experience. We aim to offer the benefits of complexity, but without the sacrifice of approachability.


Matthew Streater

My professional journey is multifaceted, with the last five years spent working across various industries. My focus has always been on improving quality results by guiding diverse, highly skilled teams to success. In addition to my current role at Bronze Legion Studios, my career includes advising two companies and running two others over the past five years. In each instance, I provided strategic insights that led to performance improvements and growth. As a CEO, I honed my leadership skills and fostered a culture of performance, inspiring teams to exceed their best expectations.


Arthur Bobrek

I am a creative that is passionate about Math and Science. I am a coder along with a web and game designer. I have spent the past five plus years honing my skills as a coder and a lifetime mastering the creative process. I am proud to have collaborated with numerous artists and developers to create unique and out-of-the-box games.


Devun Fortman

I'm an Audio Engineer, Producer, Composer, and Musician. From a young age, my life has been immersed in music. I began producing music in DAWs in 2017. I use Ableton Live. The dream of crafting music for video games has always been tucked deep within my heart, and now, that dream is my reality. Merging my two greatest passions—music and gaming—has proven to be the ultimate formula for a career brimming with boundless passion and unfettered creativity. Every day gives new opportunities to create captivating and evocative soundscapes that breathe life into the worlds of video games.


Julian Wingert

I am a dynamic professional with a well rounded blend of skills, including market research, community building, and event coordination. I graduated from FGCU with a bachelors in history, with some of my research being featured at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference. My studies allotted me a keen understanding of human behavior and market trends, which I have utilized to both excel at my past sales jobs and launch viral grassroots marketing campaigns.


Celon Murphy

I am an upbeat professional person that brings a multitude of skills to the team. I help manage the team to keep everything orderly and on-time.

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